Wednesday, 29 December 2021

Blog Posts in 2021

Rob Halpern's Hieroglyphs of the Inverted World (December 2021)
December (Update Post) (December 2021)

Ligeti in November (November 2021)

Autumn (Update Post, includes obituary for Maryanne Raphael) (September 2021)

Summer (Update post, includes obituary for Callie Gardner) (July 2021)
"The Last Octave": Variations on Frederic Rzewski (July 2021)

Histoire(s) du Cinéma: Viewing Notes (June 2021)
Two Silences (On Theo Angelopoulos & Marleen Gorris) (June 2021)
Recent Writing (June) (Update Post) (June 2021)
Lord Shango (1975) (June 2021)

February Papers (Recent Writing) (Updated Post) (February 2021)

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