Wednesday 6 September 2023

News of News of News of News

Some recent writing:

--On Krzysztof Penderecki for Bachtrack.

--On Don Cherry and Peter Brötzmann's work with children for the Don Cherry special in The Wire's September issue. (The issue also has reviews of a live performance by Edith Steyer's John Carter project, of the latest instalment in Wild Up's Julius Eastman project, and of Angel Bat Dawid's Requiem for Jazz and the latest in the Red Hot series, themed around Sun Ra's 'Nuclear War'; more reviews, of the A L'Arme Festival and of Klangraum Dusseldorf, in the October issue).

--Liner notes for The Art of Noticing, one of the CD releases recorded at Eddie Prevost's Bright Nowhere concerts last year.

--The Calvin Hernton Selected Poems is now in the world from Wesleyan UP, with the first review in from Publishers Weekly here.

Details of in-person and on-line launches to follow...

--Finally, I've updated my Soundcloud page for the first time in around a decade with some recordings from the past few years: