Thursday 25 October 2007

Paul Rutherford Memorial Concert

Just a brief post about this, which I attended at the Red Rose last night - four hours of superb music. Lots of interesting combinations and groups - lots of variety - from the opening blues number by Mike Westbrook to the Robert Jarvis/Lawrence Casserley trombone/electronics duo, to the 'Political Duo' of Veryan Weston accompanying Maggie Nichols singing 'L'Internationale' and so on, to appearances from the likes of Harry Beckett, Keith Tippett and Kenny Wheeler (and not forgetting the climactic performance by an augmented London Improvisers' Orchestra). A suitably vibrant and adventurous tribute to the late Paul Rutherford. Here are some videos, taken on digital camera over the course of the evening - the quality is pretty poor (and the sound cuts out whenever I zoom in), but I think it gives a decent impression of the music that was played.

Harry Beckett on trumpet, with Nick Stevens on bass and Tony Marsh on drums. Fine stuff.

Robert Jarvis on trombone and Lawrence Casserley on electronics, producing some mesmering sounds towards the end of this clip.

The quartet of Kenny Wheeler, Evan Parker, Steve Beresford and Philip Waschmann.

An extract from the final performance of the night, a collective improvisation by the London Improvisers' Orchestra. This is one of the quieter moments!

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