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One Step Beyond: Complete List of Shows (Part Two)

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The shows improved in quality during this year, with Noa on board and with some interviews starting to appear as well. My picks would be: Drone, Marion Brown, Michael White, Billy Harper, Captain Beefheart, Miles Davis, Gato Barbieri, Sun Ra, and the year's final show, which was the most experimental of the bunch, inspired by Noa's work on 'Seventy Loud Years'.

2ND YEAR: 2008

(24) BROADCAST DATE: 13th January 2008
SHOW TITLE: 2007 Roundup
SHOW DESCRIPTION: A selection of the best jazz and improv releases of the past year, from high-octane free jazz to thoughtful free improvisation to established masters to jazz/classical fusions to proof that big band music can still be exciting. Artists include Peter Brotzmann, Phil Minton, Joe Lovano/Hank Jones, John Surman, Anthony Braxton and Charles Tolliver.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Soil and ‘Pimp’ Sessions, Phil Minton Quartet, Evan Parker/Matthew Shipp, John Surman, Anthony Braxton, Carla Bley, Peter Evans Quartet, His Name is Alive, Peter Brotzmann, Joe Lovano/Hank Jones, William Parker, Maria Schneider Orchestra, Charles Tolliver
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/38/One_Step_Beyond_1312008_-_2007_Round-up

(25) BROADCAST DATE: 20th January 2007
SHOW TITLE: Pharoah Sanders
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Two hours devoted to the music of the great saxophonist Pharoah Sanders. Described by Ornette Coleman as "probably the best tenor player in the world," his playing style is instantly recognisable: abrasive, over-tone-heavy, intense and full of emotion. According to jazz legend, he can cause a saxophone to continue to shriek for minutes after removing it from his mouth! Expect fearsome free jazz, mellow 60s/70s spiritual jazz, lots of African percussion, and even some yodelling...
ARTISTS PLAYED: John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/41/One_Step_Beyond_-_SHOW_TWO_-_Pharoah_Sanders

SHOW TITLE: Jazz & Hip-Hop/Spoken Word
SHOW DESCRIPTION: On today's show we examine the roots of hip-hop, from a recitation by legendary bassist Charles Mingus to the fiercely polemical Black Nationalist rhetoric of Amiri Baraka, The Last Poets, and Gil Scott-Heron. We follow this with tracks which integrate jazz and hip-hop, from both sides of the divide, including such artists as Public Enemy, Gang Starr, Steve Coleman and Soweto Kinch.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Charles Mingus, Amiri Baraka, Gil Scott-Heron, The Last Poets, Public Enemy, Gang Starr, A Tribe Called Quest, us3, Steve Coleman, MC Solaar/Ron Carter, Soweto Kinch, Vijay Iyer/Mike Ladd, Wynton Marsalis
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/44/One_Step_Beyond_27-1-08_Hip-hopspoken_word_and_jazz

(27) BROADCAST DATE: 3rd February 2008
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Come with us now on a journey through time and space to the world of the mighty drone...On today's show we'll be looking at what's known as drone music, or dronology, which encompasses everything from 60s avant-garde classical music to ambient to early 90s 'shoegaze' and beyond that to post-rock. Along the way, some of the most controversial music ever made, creations which challenge the boundaries between sound, noise and music, which push at the boundaries of art. In other words, you may absolutely hate this stuff. But there'll also be more reflective, gently hypnotic music as well - an intriguing two hours of sonic exploration...
ARTISTS PLAYED: Giacinto Scelsi, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Pandit Pran Nath, La Monte Young, Terry Riley, The Velvet Underground, Lou Reed, Fripp/Eno, My Bloody Valentine, Sunn O))), A Silver Mt. Zion
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/47/One_Step_Beyond_3-2-08_Drone

(28) BROADCAST DATE: 10th February 2008
SHOW TITLE: Marion Brown
SHOW DESCRIPTION: The show this week features the music of alto saxophonist/ethnomusicologist/composer Marion Brown, probably the most lyrical of the free jazz players. Most of his music is either out-of-print or very hard to get hold of, so this is a rare opportunity to hear some wonderfully atmospheric tracks, which explore and incorporate elements of African music, imagery from America's rural south, and European classical music.
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/50/One_Step_Beyond_10208-_Marion_Brown

* Interview Show *

(29) BROADCAST DATE: 17th February 2008
SHOW TITLE: Prog-Rock/ Canterbury Scene (feat. Hugh Hopper Interview)
SHOW DESCRIPTION: This week, One Step Beyond brings you two hours of music and discussion relating to 60s/70s prog-rock and the so-called Canterbury scene. Along the way, we're playing a variety of tracks, which move from Pink Floyd to the Soft Machine, Caravan, Gong, and King Crimson. The programme also includes an interview with Soft Machine bassist Hugh Hopper that we recorded at Kettle's Yard in Cambridge a couple of weeks ago. [This may have been the last interview conducted with Hopper; a full transcript is available in Issue 2 of Eartrip magazine.]
ARTISTS PLAYED: Pink Floyd, Soft Machine, Caravan, Gong, King Crimson
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/53/One_Step_Beyond_17-2-08_Prog-RockCanterbury_Scene

(30) BROADCAST DATE: 24th February 2008
SHOW TITLE: Olivier Messiaen
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Some classical music this week - that of twentieth-century French composer Olivier Messiaen. Ondes martenots, birdsong, synaesthesia, Catholicism, mysticism, Sanskrit, Greek and Hindu rhythms, obscure number symbolism...It's all there, in some of the strangest and most individual music ever written, at any time. Prepare to be amazed!
ARTISTS PLAYED: Olivier Messiaen
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/56/One_Step_Beyond_240208_-_Olivier_Messiaen

(31) BROADCAST DATE: 2nd March 2008
SHOW TITLE: Wayne Shorter
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Just me solo today, as Noa wasn't feeling too well. The show looks at saxophone great and composer Wayne Shorter, from post-bop with Art Blakey to classic albums on Blue Note, to superb tracks from Miles Davis' great mid-60s Quintet and fusion from Weather Report, right up to Shorter's revelatory 21st-century quartet with Danilo Perez, John Pattitucci and Brian Blade. This really is superb stuff: music that heads out into the unknown...
ARTISTS PLAYED: Art Blakey, Miles Davis, Weather Report, Wayne Shorter
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/59/One_Step_Beyond_2308_-_Wayne_Shorter

* Interview Show *

(32) BROADCAST DATE: 9th March 2008
SHOW TITLE: Mike & Kate Westbrrok
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Probably the last show of term (unless Noa somehow manages to complete all his work by next sunday!), this time we featured music by, and an interview with British jazz pioneers Mike and Kate Westbrook. The interview was recorded back in November last year, and they had some fascinating things to say about their career and influences, as well as about jazz in general. It's really worth hearing, I assure you!
ARTISTS PLAYED: Mike and Kate Westbrook
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/70/One_Step_Beyond_9-3-08_Mike_Kate_Westbrook

(33) BROADCAST DATE: 27th April 2008
SHOW TITLE: New CDs/Re-issues Roundup
ARTISTS PLAYED: Yuganaut, Phil Hargreaves/Barry Chabala, fURT, Bill Dixon/ Exploding Star Orchestra, Steve Peters, Linda Kallerdahl, Birigwa, Ted Daniel, Heikki Sarmanto/ The Serious Music Ensemble, Bob James
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/91/One_Step_Beyond_27-4-08_-_CD_Roundup

(34) BROADCAST DATE: 4th May 2008
SHOW TITLE: Gyorgy Ligeti
SHOW DESCRIPTION: The music of Hungarian avant-garde composer Gyorgy Ligeti, whose eerily atmospheric music was famously featured in '2001: A Space Odyssey.' Ligeti's work provides a fascinating listen; throughout his career, he continued to pursue his own individual path, owing debts to both the avant-garde (Stockhausen and the Darmstadt School) and to classical tradition, whilst creating music that didn't quite fit in with either.
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/94/One_Step_Beyond_4508_-_Gyorgy_Ligeti

(35) BROADCAST DATE: 11th May 2008
SHOW TITLE: Michael White
SHOW DESCRIPTION: One of the most obscure musicians we’ve featured on ‘One Step Beyond’ so far: jazz violinist Michael White, who, after roots in free jazz and early fusion, went on to create a sunny brand of 1970s ‘spiritual jazz’, shot through with gospel and ‘world music’ influences. A lot of this material awaits CD reissue, so this show is a rare opportunity to hear some fascinating and uplifting music.
ARTISTS PLAYED: McCoy Tyner, The Fourth Way, Smiley Winters, Michael White
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/97/One_Step_Beyond_11-5-08_-_Michael_White

(36) BROADCAST DATE: 18th May 2008
SHOW TITLE: Billy Harper
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Following last week's delve into the lesser-known reaches of 60s and 70s-era 'spiritual jazz', we'll be featuring more from the same era, this time from the criminally underrated Texan tenor saxophonist & composer Billy Harper. Most famous for his work in Gil Evans' big band on albums like 'Svengali' and 'There comes a Time', he also recorded with Art Blakey, Lee Morgan, Randy Weston and Max Roach, and made some superb albums under his name, including the stonkingly good 'Capra Black' and 'Black Saint.' Harper plays with a hard, steely, powerful sound, full of emotion, merging the fervour of gospel and free jazz with the technical complexity and dexterity of mainstream post-bop, and gives across a sense that he really MEANS what he's doing every time. So, not a duff track to be found, and we'll be selecting some of the best things in his catalogue in our overview of his career.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Lee Morgan, Thad Jones/Mel Lewis, Gil Evans, Randy Weston, Billy Harper
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/102/One_Step_Beyond_1852008_-_Billy_Harper

The following two shows were presented solo.

* Interview Show *

(37) BROADCAST DATE: 25th May 2008
SHOW TITLE: Styles Kauphmann
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Today's show features an extensive interview with, followed by the music of, improvising musician/composer Styles J Kauphmann, an Oxford-based clarinettist, vocalist and violinist currently engaged in a series of 'acoustic improvisations'. These performances have affinities with both free improvisation and avant-garde classical music, and make use of extended techniques, space and silence, and the acoustic properties of the environment in which they take take place. The first hour contains an interview recorded a few weeks ago in Cambrige, while the second hour contains an improvisation recorded on solo clarinet in London, back in July 2007, as well as a short excerpt from a solo violin concert. More information about Styles J. Kauphmann can be found at http://www.stylesjkauphmann.org/
ARTISTS PLAYED: Styles J. Kauphmann
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/105/One_Step_Beyond_25508_-_Styles_Kauphmann

* Interview Show *

(38) BROADCAST DATE: 1st June 2008
SHOW TITLE: Alexander Hawkins
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Oxford-based pianist Alexander Hawkins, one Britain's most promising young free improvisers, is the subject of today's show. The main focus is on a concert by his recently-formed ensemble, recorded on their visit to Cambridge a couple of weeks ago. Featuring British jazz giant Orphy Robinson on steel pan, alongside such free improv masters as Dominic Lash and Hannah Marshall, they play a varied programme which mixes original compositions with tunes by Anthony Braxton, Sun Ra and Wadada Leo Smith. To begin the programme, excerpts from an interview I recorded with Alexander Hawkins while he was in Cambridge for the concert.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Alexander Hawkins
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/108/One_Step_Beyond_1608_-_Alexander_Hawkins

(39) BROADCAST DATE: 8th June 2008
SHOW TITLE: Captain Beefheart
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Struggling out of bed following the completion of my exams, today I'm re-joined by Noa to present the music and weirdness of Don Van Vliet, alias Captain Beefheart (and of course, not forgetting his ‘Magic Band’ – Zoot Horn Rollo, Rockette Morton, Winged Eel Fingerling, Drumbo, Ed Marimba, et al). We will be featuring ‘Trout Mask Replica’, as you’d expect, but also some of Vliet’s less well-known work, and considering questions such as: is this man a fraud or a genius? How useful is the myth of ‘primitive genius’ that so many well-meaning critics slap on to him? And just what do lyrics like the following actually mean? “Feather times a feather/ Mornin' time t' thaw/ Strawwood claw rattlin' m' jaw/ Hobo chang ba/ Hobo chang ba.”
ARTISTS PLAYED: Howlin’ Wolf, Captain Beefheart
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/111/One_Step_Beyond_8-6-8_-_Captain_Beefheart

(40) BROADCAST DATE: 14th June 2008
SHOW TITLE: Dave Douglas
SHOW DESCRIPTION: For the last show of the 2007/2008 academic year, we focussed on trumpeter and composer Dave Douglas. Douglas emerged in the late 1980s on New York's 'Downtown Scene', and has since played with a huge variety of artists, including Anthony Braxton, Horace Silver, John Zorn, Joe Lovano, Tim Berne, Han Bennink and Steve Lacy. His own projects have been no less adventurous, encompassing 'chamber jazz' influenced by European folk and classical music, the incorporation of electronics, and works with a specific political motivation, such as the 2001 album 'Witness'. While not everything he's done is entirely successful, there is more than enough material of interest to explore, including a particularly evocative track inspired by the works of Egyptian Nobel prize winning novelist Naguib Mahfouz.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Tiny Bell Trio, Jamie Saft, Dave Douglas
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/114/One_Step_Beyond_14-6-08_-_Dave_Douglas

All shows from now on were presented solo.

(41) BROADCAST DATE: 19th October 2008
SHOW TITLE: Miles Davis, 1969-75 (Part 1)
SHOW DESCRIPTION: 'One Step Beyond's three-year run continues with a show examining what is probably the most controversial period in the career of jazz innovator Miles Davis: the so-called 'first electric period', from 1968/9-75. This, the first programme in a two-part series, examines the genesis of Davis' move towards 'jazz fusion', with the addition of electric keyboards and guitars, and the adoption of rock rhythms and riffs.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/132/One_Step_Beyond_19-10-2008

(42) BROADCAST DATE: 26th October 2008
SHOW TITLE: Miles Davis, 1969-75 (Part 2)
SHOW DESCRIPTION: The second programme of a two-part series moves on to Miles' increasingly controversial post-1970 work. Attaching a wah-wah pedal to his trumpet and emphasising the collective and rhythmic aspects of his ensembles, he was moving towards a non-western sound that incorporated elements of James Brown's unstoppable funk, Stockausen's concept of music as 'process', the distorted guitar sounds made famous by Jimi Hendrix, and flashes of jazz.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Amiri Baraka, Miles Davis
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/135/One_Step_Beyond_26-10-08

(43) BROADCAST DATE: 2nd November 2008
SHOW TITLE: Gato Barbieri
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Today’s show features the sounds of Argentinian saxophonist Leandro 'Gato' Barbieri. Beginning as a free jazz firebrand in the vein of Pharoah Sanders, he went to merge Latin rhythms with his unique saxophone style on albums such as 'The Third World' and 'Fenix', as well as writing a Grammy-award-winning score for Bernardo Bertolucci’s controversial film ‘Last Tango in Paris.’
ARTISTS PLAYED: Don Cherry, Alan Shorter, Jazz Composers’ Orchestra, Oliver Nelson, Gato Barbieri
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/138/One_Step_Beyond_2-11-2008_

(44) BROADCAST DATE: 9th November 2008
SHOW TITLE: Ornette Coleman (Part 1)
SHOW DESCRIPTION: This week, the second hour of 'One Step Beyond' was ordered off-air (with very little notice, or explanation, it has to be said). Consequentially, today's show was only an hour long. This truncated edition focussed on Coleman's early work (1959-60), with tracks from 'The Shape of Jazz To Come', 'Change of the Century' and 'Free Jazz: A Collective Improvisation.' There was, of course, much discussion of its significance: more talking than music, but that's the way it goes. Part Two next week.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Ornette Coleman
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/141/One_Step_Beyond_9-11-08

(45) BROADCAST DATE: 16th November 2008
SHOW TITLE: Ornette Coleman (Part 2)
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Covering Ornette's career from 1961-present. Among other things: Ornette playing tenor and trumpet, collaborating with Yoko Ono, the London Symphony Orchetra a and Jackie McLean, and causing controversy by employing his 10-year old son as a drummer and by forming jazz/funk ensemble Prime Time.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Yoko Ono, Jackie McLean, James Blood Ulmer, Ornette Coleman
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/143/One_Step_Beyond_16-12-2008

(46) BROADCAST DATE: 23rd November 2008
SHOW DESCRIPTION: Sun Ra, born Herman Blount, led an extraordinary 50-year career as notable for his unique philosophy/mythology/cosmology as for the superb music that resulted. Fusing ancient Egypt imagery with science fiction and outer space, his work with his big band (known as the ‘Arkestra’) encompassed free jazz, electronic experimentation, bebop, swing, modal jazz and fusion, transcending all such categorical breakdowns in its infinite variety. I’ll be picking my way through his many albums, selecting a few highlights and persona favourites, and trying to explain the significance of this man’s work.
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/146/One_Step_Beyond_23-11-2008

(47) BROADCAST DATE: 30th November 2008
SHOW TITLE: 2008 Roundup
SHOW DESCRIPTION: An overview of some of the best albums released in 2008, in various genres.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Cloaks, Sunn O))), Paul Dunmall/Roman Mints, fURT, Liebman/ Eskelin/ Marino/ Black, Sonic Youth/Merzbow/Mats Gustaffson, Bill Dixon, Spring Heel Jack
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/149/One_Step_Beyond_30-11-08

(48) BROADCAST DATE: 7th December 2008
SHOW TITLE: The Art of Response
SHOW DESCRIPTION: The final 'One Step Beyond' of 2008 takes a look at the way art and politics have intersected in the 20th and 21st centuries, and, in particular, the way that art has responded to various political crises, such as the second world war, the civil rights movement, and the rise of AIDS. Music and spoken word from Penderecki, Richard Strauss, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Amiri Baraka, Funkadelic, Peter Brotzmann, and more.
ARTISTS PLAYED: Richard Strauss, Krzysztof Penderecki, Charles Bernstein, Allen Ginsberg, Amiri Baraka, Archie Shepp, Malcolm X, Jeremiah Wright, Martin Luther King, Philip Cohran, Anthony Davis, David Grundy, Peter Brotzmann, Fred Van Hove, Funkadelic, Lucien Monbuttou, Bob Ostertag, Keston Sutherland, Sean Bonney, Chris Morris, Roy Brooks & the Artistic Truth
DOWNLOAD LINK: http://fatgut.multiply.com/music/item/152/One_Step_Beyond_7-12-08

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