Monday, 14 April 2008

The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society - Miracle of the Sun (2008)

Just under a month ago, I posted about material by the Cambridge Free Improvisation Society, which was being made available on the internet, and briefly mentioned the album 'Miracle of the Sun', which can be streamed from the CFIS' Last FM page. However, as that page doesn't seem to be getting any listeners, I thought I'd make it easier for people to get hold of this stuff, and am putting up a download link.

The Cabmbridge Free Improvisation Society - Miracle of the Sun

Jacken Waters - electric guitar/ effects
Dan Larwood - electric guitar with delay pedal
David Grundy - laptop, piano, recorder, radio

Recorded at Robinson College, Cambridge
6th February 2008
192 kbps/ 96.7 MB

Get it here! (artwork at top of post)

Music with liberal doses of guitar feedback! Please leave written feedback too!

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david_grundy said...

A brief note:

As readers of this blog may have noticed, I haven't actually been doing too much blogging here recently - been busy with 'eartrip', the new magazine, and with various other things, and consequently haven't managed to sit down and write anything for a while. I do have a review of a performance of Messiaen's 'Turangalila Symphony' which I may eventually get around to writing up...

Nothing else planned as of yet. Seems to be becoming a case of occasional posts which basically consist of promotion for my own stuff - not the way I really want the blog to go, at all! But lots of the things that might have appeared on here will probably now go in 'eartrip', and there just doesn't seem to be time to write other stuff. Ah well.