Wednesday, 26 March 2008

The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society

The Cambridge Free Improvisation Society is an informal musical collective whose members are students at Cambridge University. We gather to freely improvise during sessions which are held on and off during Term times. We have performed occasional concerts and, for the past few months, have been recording the irregular jam sessions we hold in various college music rooms. Selections of these recordings are now being made available online, including 'Miracle of the Sun', an hour-long improvisation which will be available in CD-R form at gigs or on request.

The following material is now available online. Feedback is welcome, and indeed encouraged!

A selection of excerpts from various improvisations recorded over the past few months can be heard at
the album 'Miracle of the Sun' can be downloaded and listened to in full from
Members of the society featured in these performances are: Joe Scott (trombone) Jo Davis (flute) Dan Larwood, Jacken Waters (guitar, effects) David Grundy (piano, laptop, recorder)

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