Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Help Please!

Not sure if my blog is really the right place to do this, but here goes anyway...

I've decided to start up a magazine focussing on jazz and improvisation, with the first issue hopefully coming out later this month (but more likely October). The first issue will focus mainly on free improv, and following are a few features I hope to include: articles on improvisation, on internet blogs and their relationship to free jazz, and on jazz radio, as well as some concert reviews and CD reviews, and an interview (or two).

I've been shooting off e-mails and posting on message-boards, but I though I'd post an appeal here as well - I'm looking for writers who'd be willing to submit reviews, of recent jazz/improv concerts and new jazz/improv CD/DVD/book releases. Also, presumably many people reading this will be bloggers themselves - if you have the time, and are willing, I would love it if you could e-mail me a short piece on the rationale behind free jazz blogging, the sharing of out-of-print music, and so on. I'm thinking of compiling a feature lasting a couple of pages, maybe more, with fairly concise 'opinion pieces' from various people - probably only a few paragraphs each - linked by some of my own writing.

And if anyone fancies doing a feature themselves (prefferably on some aspect of improvisation, such as its relation to composition, or the aeshetics of free improvisation, its benefits from a performer's/listener's point of view, or some such general topic), that would be very welcome too.

Oh, and thoughts on jazz radio as well...

Unfortunately I don't have the resources to pay anyone who submits anything, as I'm a struggling first (soon to be second) year university student! - however, I would be really grateful for anything I receive, just to get the magazine off the ground.

If anyone's interested, please contact me by e-mail for further details. I think I've put the link in my blogger profile, but just in case, I've put the address on this post as well: dmgrundy@hotmail.co.uk


thebeathunters said...

hi from the beathunters
sorry to come back to you so late
thanks for your support
i'll try to upload side 2 asap and keep you posted
let me think about your project and i'll come back to you
keep on groovin'

euskir said...

I thinks it's a good idea. Sorry that right now I'm quite short of money to support your project. Anyway, I will follow the process to see if I can help you some way.
Best wishes, as always,


david_grundy said...

Thanks for your responses.

Some More Details --- reviews for these (and any other new) CDs gratefully received! ---

fORCH - Spin Networks,
Derek Bailey – Standards,
Evan Parker- A Glancing Blow, Abbey Road Duos (with Matthew Shipp),
Archie Shepp - Gemini,
Various new albums featuring Han Bennink
John Surman's new album
Paul Bley's new album
Mingus - Cornell 64
Ute Wasserman - Birdtalking
Reissues - Sun Ra - Night of the Purple Moon