Tuesday, 28 April 2009


While I was making all sorts of slightly strangled noises and trying
making odd noises was a Greenish Warbler, a Blyth's Reed Warbler
the cords as the machine went into action and was strangled
the Madison River bank near West Yellowstone, Montana,
I found an adult female. Audubon's Warbler. (Dendroica auduboni)
strangled by a horse hair.

it is you, and another one did
block him and tap that one that’s
kind. receive it to your ear, I
wouldn’t give the time a day
assigned minutes merely
nothing and in and nothing and
wanting to capitalise on that
nothing doing. say again, he
had his trousers about him and
do you do that about time I’d
say for if you’re sexual you
look it up on youtube and how’s
that, you know if it was all yeah
if it’s a warbler it couldn’t be
the first one, wouldn’t be, that
strangled to death on song.

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