Wednesday, 8 April 2009


her angel touch angles light
through the window, darkening
south of what she touches
and some rope. let me
just say this
and you won't tell!
I thought I saw rush up
inside me all that I was
in that spot: lit up by her
sparkling eyes and conversation.
rope for the unelectable,
to hang themselves a dream.
let me just say this: I felt
a tightening at my neck then, I
could almost have choked on I
don't know, air? light. then
you actually feel the noose
begin to close in, constriction at its
utmost point, a severe limitation,
I'd say. the light so swims
as liquid; bathed in it you
could forget almost to breathe.
is this love or what I mean by it
and does the trapdoor close
and do we get it back up again.

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