Sunday, 20 January 2008

For Pharoah Sanders

In the village of the pharaohs,
sounds are floating, flying,
flung on air:
life flows through the Pharoah’s
gleaming golden horn.

Belgian-born, Adolph Sax
could not have even dreamed
of those sounds, floating, flying,
flung on air, for

Pharoah makes
The horn African, makes it become
Egypt, Asia, America,
tribal, ceremonial totem,
artefact, a tool to reach the ancestors,
creating, tapping into the created
in vibrating hymnal harmonies,
spiralling beyond harmony into other,
foreign scales;

that music
universal, becomes sound only -
Word without words,
scream to the heavens
scream from the earth,
share your suffering -
silence no longer -
Break forth! Speak, Oh Pharoah, Speak!

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